CTS/FGV promotes the IX South School Internet Governance (SSIG)

Between April 3th and 7th, 2017, the Centre for Technology and Society of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (CTS/FGV) promoted the IX South School on Internet Governance (SSIG), an important space for global dialogue. The SSIG took place at the Cultural Center Cultural Center of the headquarters of FGV, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. People from more than 20 nationalities attended the event and representatives of various organizations linked to field of technology world, such as Google, Facebook, ICAAN and ISOC. All sessions were broadcast live in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The English videos are available through the links below.



Opening Session

Pablo Cerdeira (Coordinator of CTS/FGV)

Oscar Messano (President of CCAT-LAT)

Claudio Lopes (Attorney of the State of Rio de Janeiro)

Bruno Ramos (Regional Director ITU Americas Regional Office)

Luca Belli (FGV)


An introduction to Internet Governance

Luca Belli (FGV)

Olga Cavalli (SSIG) (video)

Benedicto Fonseca Filho (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


The Challenges for a Sustainable Internet

Cristiana González (FGV)

Marcos Toscano (Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communions)

Carlos Oliveira (Delegation of the European Union to Brazil)



Accelerating Inclusive Growth of the Global Digital Economy: US Policies Perspectives

Steve Lang (Deputy U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy)


ICANN: Present and Future Scenarios and the Community Involvement

Lito Ibarra (ICANN)

Vanda Scartezini (ICANN)

Daniel Fink (ICANN)

Andrew Harris (Amazon)

Andres Piazza (LACTLD)

Moderator: Cristiana Gonzalez (FGV)


Internet Governance Forum

Markus Kummer (ICANN Board, former IGF Executive Director)

Renata Aquino Ribeiro (IGF MAG member)

Raúl Echeberría (ISOC)


Security Challenges and Human Rights Protection for an Open and Accessible Internet

Christopher Painter (Coordinator for Cyber Issues at U.S. Department of State, ‎U.S.G.)

Paulo Protasio (Rio de Janeiro Commerce Association)

Barbara Marchiori (Organization of American States)



An Open and Accessible Internet

Bruno Ramos (Regional Director ITU Americas Regional Office)

Alexandre Veronese (University of Brasilia)

Gustavo Grindre (Intervozes)


Internet Infrastructure

Maryleana Mendez Jimenez (ICT specialist)

Peter Knight (Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics)

Cristiana Gonzalez (FGV)


Network Neutrality and Zero Rating Models

Luca Belli (FGV)

Flavia Lefevre (Proteste/CGI.br)

Iván Sánchez Medina (UFINET Colombia)

Jeferson Nacif (ANATEL)



Challenges of the Internet of Things

Vint Cerf (Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist Google)

Miriam Wimmer (Ministry of Telecommunications)

Andriei Guerrero (IBM)

Moderator: Eduardo Magrani (FGV)


Sustainable Connectivity Models and Experiences

Laura Tresca (Article 19)

Marcelo Saldanha (Instituto Bem Estar Brasil)

Jose Augusto de Leça Pereira (VIVO)

Luis Martinez


Participatory Session: Smart Cities

Pablo Cerdeira (FGV), and Stanley Shanapinda (UNSW Canberra)



Impacts of the Internet on Commerce and Trade

Brian Huseman (Amazon)

Robert Atkinson (ITIF)

Monica Guise Rosina (Facebook)

Juliana Nolasco (Google)

Mindi Herzog (Department of Commerce, USG)

Julio César Vega Gomez (Asociación Internet.MX)


Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement

Ygor Valerio (MPA)

Daniel Ackerman (US Department of Justice)

Carolina Panzolini (Department of Intellectual Rigths of Ministry of Culture)

Allan Rocha de Souza (IE/UFRJ)

Bruna Castanheira de Freitas (CTS-FGV)


Present and Future Perspective on Domain Names

Demi Getschko (Nic.br)

Markus Kummer (ICANN Board)

Eduardo Santoyo (.CO)

Keith Drazek (Verisign)

Oscar Moreno (NIC Porto Rico)

Joerg Schweiger (DENIC – CENTR)



Impact of Online Platforms and Apps on Society

Elias Abdala Neto (Microsoft)

Regina Chamma (Google)

Rafael Zanatta (Consumer Protection Institute)

Luca Belli (FGV)


Blockchain and Crypto Currencies

Bruno Batavia (Coordinator of Brazil Central Bank)

Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva (University of Tartu)

Marcelo Moreno (ITCx)


Participatory Session: Diversity and Gender Issues on the Internet

Ana Veneroso (ITU)

Joana Varon (Coding Rights)



Internet Governance and International Relations

Roxana Radu (Graduate Institute Geneva)

Mauricio Santoro (Rio de Janeiro State University)

Alexandre Moreli (FGV)


Privacy, Security and Trust

Eduardo Magrani (FGV)

Tais Tesser (Google)

Eduardo Carozo (ITC, Antel Uruguay)


Jurisdiction, National Security and Human Rights

Neide de Oliveira (Public Prosecutor)

Claudio Lopes (Attorney of the Rio de Janeiro State)

Oscar Robles Garay (CEO LACNIC)

Eduardo Caroso (ITC, Antel Uruguay)



Access to Knowledge Online

Jhessica Reia (FGV)

Carlos Costa (ARCTEL)

Dustin Phillips (ICANN Wiki)


Algorithm Governance

Claudio Lucena (Paraíba State University)

Catherine Garcia Van Hoogstraten (Faculty of Public Management, Law and Security, The Hague University of Applied Sciences)


Participatory Session: eDemocracy

Luca Belli (FGV)

Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva (University of Tartu)



Multistakeholder Models

Marilia Maciel (Diplo Foundation)

Veridiana Alimonti (Intervozes)

Guillermo Cicileo (LACNIC)

Andres Piazza (LACTLD)


Multicultural and Diverse Internet

Jenniffer Chung (.ASIA)

João Brant (Observacom)

Natália Neris (InternetLab)


Youth & Internet Governance

Thiago Tavarez (SaferNet)

Jennifer Chung (.ASIA)

Ana Beatriz Crespo Fernandez Lopez (GAIA Spain)

Sarah Linke (UFSC)



Internet Future Scenarios

Raquel Gatto (Internet Society)


Is the Internet going to remain Open?

Sean Flynn (American University)